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Skyline Eat Fresh Meals by Skyline Trading Company

Provides balanced complete meals consisting of fresh meat, vegetables and gluten-free starch. The meals are prepared fresh, packaged promptly and delivered to your pick-up point as soon as we can so you may enjoy the fresh flavors. Our custom options make it easy to accommodate almost any modified diet requests including dairy free, paleo, vegetarian. Additionally, any of Skyline Trading Company’s menu items would be available for delivery at the same time.

Our Meals are Honest and Delicious

The meat we serve comes from farms that are growth hormone and antibiotic free. We will always choose local, organic, and non GMO products whenever possible and to support our local farmers and producers. Due to this promise the growing seasons and demand will directly affect our offerings.

Our Meals are Gluten-Free

Skyline Trading Company takes pride in its efforts to offer gluten free options and will not knowingly use wheat flour or other gluten containing items in the Eat Fresh Meals. We only use real food it is whole and unprocessed to avoid all gluten. However, Skyline is a facility that produces and is known for its gluten delicacies.

Currently each Thursday and Sunday we feature a meal that contains 3.5 oz. lean protein. 3-3.5 oz. fresh vegetables and 3-3.5 oz. of starch. Most meals have featured chicken, flank steak or pork tenderloin. Other than some broth the sauces will be served on the side.

Our plans are to expand to offer breakfasts include Egg Bakes, Custom omelets, bacon, oatmeal, granola, yogurt, smoothies, fresh juice and fresh fruit. We have sampled some delicious gluten free bread for French toast and gluten free pancakes to add variety to our meals.

For payments, credit cards are accepted online, cash or check can be left in an envelope. Credit card payments can be made through PayPal, over the phone or with a mobile card reader.

Our plan is to continue to provide meals that are clean and free from chemicals, dyes, sugars, grains, preservatives, and growth hormones. To ensure you know exactly what you are eating we will always provide a detailed ingredient list. In the near future we will be working hand and hand with nutritional experts to ensure we continue to provide you with nutritionally balanced meals.

In addition to the week's featured meal, we have some options that are always available: